“The old maxim that what gets measured, gets done perhaps has one of its best applications in the area of key performance indicators”.

At Business Blueprints we pride ourselves on our experience of on going benchmark and tracking studies. In the shopping centre sector we developed a methodology for measuring shopper behaviour that has become almost an industry standard, and from this have created and maintained the Business Blueprints benchmark or Bbenchmark™. This allows us to provide unique assessments of a centre’s performance against measures such as the proportion of shoppers spending on a given trip, average shopper spend, total time spent shopping, as well as in the centre itself, the number of visits to that centre as well as similar averages for party size, advertising awareness and promotional recall. Our shopping centre survey product MallTrak™ has been developed specifically for the industry. In the same way that we have benchmarks for the retail sector we have also developed benchmarks for the leisure sector using our GuestTrak™ survey tool. These are again used by pub and restaurant operators to put their own performance into some form of context.

Benchmarking is applied not just to quantitative research and over the years we have developed a series of comparative measures in other areas such as mystery visiting, via our Looking Glass™ product, and for catchment analysis via our Demoscope™ tool. See our case study

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