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How to Best Choose Photo Booth Hire

If you attend any wedding, corporate bash or party in the UK these days, you will find everyone still getting excited about the photo booth. It is the place where partygoers can pull a funny face, smirk, be friendly with another or simply kiss and be photographed.

A photo booth needs to be well designed and built and made of quality materials. Extra functions – such as illuminated background lettering and wind machines – are optional extras, but these do add serious fun to a special night out.

Picture Blast is the UK’s number one photo booth hire company. It has already been helping the rich and famous enjoy a special night out. Shindigs like Alan Shearer’s 40th birthday bash, John Bishop’s 50th and Simon Cowell’s get-together down in the south of France, to name but a few events where Picture Blast has helped to create a fun-filled experience.

The party booth is more than the photo booth points you see every day in supermarkets or railway stations.  The party booth should be social media friendly and allow special features and functions that will attract the guests attending the bash in question.

Picture Blast has a photo booth that will excite and actually show that it’s far more dynamic than the booths you might see every day in the town centre, high street or travel terminuses.

The so-called Party Booth has a camera that takes high definition images and allows for photos to be instantly printed (no waiting around for over 10 minutes while the processing procedure takes place).

A Party Booth is the best photo booth hire you can get because the features are designed with fun in mind. The wind machine, for example, allows for images to appear as if the subject has been airbrushed or windswept.

Remember also that the booth will have video messaging facilities built in, so you can contact a friend and chat face to face over a video link.

Some of the booths can be full of so many features that partygoers are puzzled as to how the delicate operations all work; so when you decide to choose a photo booth for hire, you will need one that has a photo attendant, who will oversee any problems or queries guests at your bash may have.

A great photo booth for hire will also provide a number of props too: a twiddled moustache, top hats and wigs amongst other things.

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