Building Market Segmentations

Market Segmentation Research & Analysis

“Whilst customer market segmentation systems are widespread, many fall down in that they are based around the behaviours of existing customers rather than the market as a whole. Behavioural market segmentation models are also flawed in that behaviours change rapidly and these systems fail to explain the motivations that drive the behaviours.”

At Business Blueprints we have developed our own market segmentation research & analysis tool, which puts people’s values, beliefs and motivations at the heart of the market segmentation model. By overlaying on to our surveys using the Values Modes™ in our Sesame™ market segmentation model we are able to gain an in depth understanding of the beliefs and motivations which help explain why people behave as they do and this solution has a lifespan of years rather than months. This has been used as part of our shopping centre research and can also be applied to leisure research. See our case study

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“It has been incredibly valuable to gain insight into our awareness and how this compares to other charities. Furthermore I am now able to speak to the trustees with certain knowledge that we are focusing our efforts and our small but invaluable budgets in the right areas and limiting wasted time and effort.”

Gavin Fisher of Rockinghorse