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When do Businesses need Spider Lift Hire?

Although not every business owner will know what a Spider Lift is, they perhaps should do. See, Spider Lifts can be enormously advantageous, and we ‘re going to show you when do businesses need Spider Life hire.

What is a Spider Lift?

A Spider Lift is a narrow tracked boom that is ultra compact, yet capable of reaching high and distant spaces. Fitted with a working cage, Spider Lifts enable workers to access hard-to-reach locations with maximum safety and convenience.

Spider Lifts are available in all sizes, varying from under 20m through to 30 metres and above, and also are available in wheeled or tracked variations for difficult access conditions. As Spider Lifts are self-supporting (due to their ‘legs’ – hence the ’Spider’ terminology), they can access uneven surfaces such as natural features like river beds and then stabilise.

When do businesses need Spider Lift hire though?

Although heavy industries such as building, construction, manufacturing and warehousing are obvious contenders for using Spider Lifts, other businesses could also benefit too.

For example, in routine maintenance and refurbishments of interiors, often it can be quicker to hire a Spider Lift for access rather than used specialised access such as abseiling or scaffolding.

As architectural designs for large buildings  like hotels become more complex, maintenance and Health and Safety considerations also become more complicated too. With a Spider Lift, these challenges are often reduced – and productivity and efficiency increased – due to time saving and safer methods of work.

In mobile telecoms that use towers and high level access, Spider Lifts often provide quick and convenient access rather than manual climbing or using access platforms such as scaffolding.

In certain manufacturing industries such as aviation, workers often need to access hard-to-reach parts of the item, and a Spider Lift helps them. After all, they can hardly prop a ladder up against a multi million airplane can they?

Spider Lifts are also excellent at solving access challengers over water or other obstructions – e.g. a statue in a pond. Using a Spider Lift, painters or sculptors can use a Spider Lift to reach out across the pond to the statue for their works.

Conclusion: many businesses need Spider Lift hire – even if they don’t realise it

If you’re a business, and you have any sort of specialist access need, or perhaps just want to see if there’s a better way to work, why not check out Spider Lift hire specialists,  such as Higher Access?

As the market leader in supplying Spider Lifts for hire across the UK, with their dedicated surveyors, and the largest fleet tracked and wheeled Spiders, they’re sure to be able to help you.

It could be that there’s a quicker way, or a safer way, that you may not be aware of – especially if you’re not familiar with Spider Lifts – so why not Spider Lifts help you and your business?

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