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A Guide to Choosing a Web Design Company in Salisbury

  • Go Local!

First and foremost, it really is a no brainer, choose a web design company that operates within your area, in this instance Salisbury. It may be tempting to plump for other, more distant, online companies that offer savings, bonuses and free gifts; but there’s one very important thing these companies can’t offer and that’s’ … local knowledge!

Tap in to the business waiting on your doorstep.

An established local web design company will have invaluable knowledge of commercial trends and marketing tactics best suited for the area.  Furthermore their network of contacts and past experiences could well serve to narrow your target market and maximise the return on your outlay.

Choosing a design company operating within the Salisbury area makes complete sense and in the long run could prove extremely beneficial to the development and promotion of your business.

Astute marketing of Salisbury is in itself beneficial to the wellbeing of individual residents and businesses alike. A sharp, on the ball, design company will be aware of local events, demographic nuances and media outlets; all of which may be useful in designing and promoting an informative and effective web site.

  • What to look for in a good online design company
  1. The appearance of their web site is a good place to start; if it lacks impact, poor design with rickety features, then move swiftly on to the next one. You’d expect a web designer’s site to be slick, easy on the eye, informative and peachy to navigate.
  2. Samples of their portfolio should be a major site feature, after all it’s what they do! I’d expect the portfolio link to be on the home page taking pride of place. The portfolio will give you a clue as to the company’s credibility and offer an inkling as to the extent of their client base.
  3. Does the company have a helpline with helpful knowledgeable staff on the other end? There’s one way to find out, find the number and give them a ring. Ask questions and seek advice. You’ll soon get an impression as to the type of ongoing service you will come to expect.
  4. Look for, ask for, testimonials. There’s no greater indicator of a company’s ability than the testament of others.
  5. Is the company a one man show, or does it have a team of experienced staff able to cover all aspects of the design industry? Once again, ‘the team’ should all be proudly profiled on the web site, with a comprehensive CV of experience and achievements.
  • Which web design company should I choose in Salisbury?

There really are a huge number of extremely good web design companies plying their trade online. The question is how many are there in Salisbury?

Well, for a classic example of an impressive online web design company take a look at the Blue Bee website. A well-established company with a wealth of experience and expertise.

Blue Bee’s mission is to help you become as successful as they are!

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