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A Guide to Commercial Property Management Software

The management of commercial properties is a time consuming specialist occupation not to be undertaken lightly or half-heartedly. Inefficient property management will undoubtedly entail loss of revenue and the waste of valuable time.

The need for efficient, easy to use and well organised property management software is of paramount importance. No matter whether you have a handful or thousands of properties to manage!

  • How to decide upon the right software from the right company

First off find a company that specialises in property management software, that’s someone with qualified first-hand experience within the property sector.

Managing property can be a complex affair, indeed at times seemingly a bureaucratic nightmare. Efficient systems need to be established; systems for collecting, demanding and chasing rent are prime examples.

Let’s not forget tax, VAT and the myriad of red tape regulations that must be regularly monitored and addressed.

Information on each property should be readily accessible at the touch of a few keys! Efficient management will save time, money and anxiety. The correct software will generate greater competence and escalating profits.

So, with this in mind, discover who actually designed the software on offer; it really should be skilled, well qualified professionals such as chartered surveyors.

Tread carefully, the software may at first appear slick and beyond reproach but the proof of the pudding comes after it’s installed and running ‘live’. Now issues of inappropriateness start to reveal themselves. Is the software reliable? Is it easy to use? Maybe not after all. What seemed like a good idea could transpire to be a very bad one indeed.

Therefore, thoroughly check the generating company’s credentials before committing. Establish beyond doubt that:

  1. The software was designed by suitably qualified professionals
  2. The company has a sound track record over considerable time
  3. The company has a comprehensive portfolio with client endorsements

There is one further important factor to establish;

  • Is ongoing back-up part of the package?

Last, but not least, does the software come with adequate back-up? No matter how brilliant the product may seem there will, almost inevitably, be a glitch to iron or queries that require clarification. On-going back-up support is extremely important, if for no other reason than peace of mind.

  • A recommendation!

Well, this could save you a great deal of time trawling the internet trying to sift the kosha from the chaff. One of the most established and respected online software businesses is undoubtedly MUS; here we have a well-established business that’s been producing property management software for the best part of 30 years!

MUS are well established, highly respected producers of tried and tested quality commercial property software.

Their software is easy to use with tons of useful, nay essential, features. What’s more MUS offers sound advice and outstanding ongoing service and support.

Check out their website for much more information and an opportunity to make an enquiry by phone of email. You’ll receive helpful, knowledgeable, free guidance.

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