Wednesday , May 23 2018
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Often, during the first meeting with a Client’s senior team, I’m asked for my view on ‘what needs to be done for sales to improve’.

Now, with maybe a half-day’s experience in his business behind me I answer the question with a question of each of the team.

‘How long have you worked here?’

The cumulative answer is usually well in excess of a decade and with my half-day I’m expected to know something they don’t. Don’t think so.

Marketing is like detective work. It’s a matter of identifying the key suspects and carefully eliminating them until only one possibility remains.

So our process is immersion in the project or ‘mooching around’ until little lights come on.

We then design a series of measures, first qualitative, then quantitative to put the possibilities (aka little lights / suspects) in front of real customers and thus find the answer most likely to succeed.