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MallTrak™ Shopper Surveys

What we do:

GuestTrakBusiness Blueprints use Benchmarks to compare each quantitative market research study with the available data we have collated from similar surveys within the same specific industry. This puts the results of an individual survey into a context. Thus our clients can make comparisons on performance by answering the “so what?” question when looking at quantitative market research data. The output will often create a business case for making changes in order to increase sales. We typically run 1,000, 500 and 350 sample MallTrak™ surveys to measure industry standard KPIs such as dwell time, visit frequency, conversion and average spend.

The result:

This then allows shopping centres to develop plans on how to make improvements or adopt best practice, usually with the aim of increasing some aspect of performance. Benchmarking may be a one-off event, but is more often treated as a continuous process in which organisations continually seek to challenge their practices.

Our view:

“Business Blueprints believe that an understanding of customers and their behaviour is a prerequisite to effective marketing. Our aim is therefore to help our clients better understand what their customers, their prospective customers and their competitors’ customers both think and do.”

Our expertise:

We have Shopping Centre Bbenchmarks™ derived from more than 350 MallTrak™ surveys conducted in UK centres, as well as specific Retail Park data. We believe there are a maximum of 20 key performance indicators in any business that are always included as a benchmark of the health of a shopping centre.

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