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Sesame™ Segmentation tool

What we do:

SegmentationSesame™ is our customer segmentation tool. It uses real customer data to segment via the most powerful variables of gender and life stage. Customer data is combined with the Values Modes™, a model which helps to explain underlying values, beliefs and motivations. The Values Modes™ categorise people into 12 discrete psychographic types. Each group represents between 7% and 12% of the population aged 15 years and over.

The result:

Sesame™ overlays shopping behavioural data to determine the spending power or ‘Economic Value’ associated with each segment. This can then be used as the basis for brand positioning, helps to help drive an overall communication strategy, can be used creative development and central to targeting.

Our view:

“Understanding people’s values, those deep seated beliefs and motivations, is a vital part of helping to explain human behaviour. The approach is founded on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs model, and explains how an individual’s motivations potentially change over time. Whilst behaviour can change from one day to the next an individual’s belief system is likely to remain more consistent.”

Our expertise:

Business Blueprints developed the Sesame™ segmentation tool specifically for the shopping centre sector through a collaboration with Cultural Dynamics, who developed the Values Modes™. Whilst most segmentation systems include demographics at their heart, Sesame™ provides another dimension. This dimension goes a long way into helping explain the reasons behind the observed behaviours, that is not just describing what people do, which is a weakness of so many other segmentation models.

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