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How to Properly Choose a Great Marketing Company

Marketing, by its very nature, should be eye catching and persuasive. The idea is to sell something. The new season’s clothes, the latest range of food, an idea, a service; sales come when customers buy. And the more people who know about it, the more likely it is to be a success.

Experienced marketing companies, such as Jenkinson and Associates know that the best campaigns are integrated these days. The product or service has to be subtly pushed on social media, by email, perhaps even onscreen via advertisements on streaming or gaming services as well as in print media or through website advertising areas. The idea is to get the public talking. A high-ticket television advertising slot such as during the Superbowl or in the middle of the finale of a must-see series can make or break a product, after all, but an understated 30 second sponsored social media video can also gather interest.

For some companies, a lower profile approach can work just as well. Whether it’s one of those 30 second sponsored videos, word-of-mouth advertising or flyers through letterboxes, a marketing company can help businesses reach their target consumer base. In some cases, a low budget approach may even work better than anything the big spending companies would do, as long as the campaign is targeted correctly.

These days there are always online ranking considerations to address. Search engine optimisation (SEO) ranking is a very important part of any online marketing campaign, but can be a challenging area to get right. A professional marketing company will know how to best achieve high and real – ‘organic’ – SEO rankings for a website and how to turn around the downranking which can come from a change in search engine algorithms.

Marketing firms of all sizes will know how best to address these considerations, and many will offer contracts commensurate to the size of the customer’s business. Experienced marketers will have worked with every size of business, and be able to tailor their product accordingly. Interested potential customers are likely to find a range of testimonials and contract lengths to suit all budgets. Some customers can expect to see an increase in business within a month, but if a slower pace is more suitable, a reputable marketing firm or skilled freelancer should be able to organise a suitable approach.

A talented marketing professional will see opportunities for sales that their client may have missed. Whether it’s a website redesign, an exhibition stand, targeted email marketing, a free giveaway on a word-of-mouth marketing site or deft use of Adwords and social media, a marketer should be able to upsell any product, and may well consider using methods their customer had previously discarded as unsuitable.

Finding these missed opportunities is what companies such as Jenkinson and Associates excel at, and that is why firms looking to sell something need marketing companies who can help them advertise it.

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