Quantitative research

Quantitative market research

Face to face

We have extensive experience in face-to-face quantitative street interviewing. Our field force comprise trained interviewers and we are able to select our fieldworkers by key criteria including age and gender. We use both paper-based data collection methodologies and electronic data capture (CAPI) using Snap survey software which ensures both greater confidentiality and faster turn around of reporting.

Our face-to-face quantitative market research interviewing products include MallTrak™, GuestTrak™ and Sesame™.


We have considerable experience in telephone quantitative market research work. All our field force interviewers are trained, experienced fieldworkers. As with our face-to-face interviewing projects we can select fieldworkers by key criteria including age and gender to match our clients’ needs.


We offer a web based quantitative market research tool to provide rapid and low cost solutions to your quantitative market research needs.

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